List of Ph.D. Students - 2009


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1 09HSPH01 V. Ramyasai The Concept of Vakya according to Vakyapadiya of Vakyakanda Not available
2 09HSPH02 Sreedevi Kasavajjhala The Literary Study on Gandhaka in Anandakanda with comparision to other Rasa sastra Texts - Not available
3 09HSPH03 Soumya B. Redefining Health The Ayurvedic way : with Special References to Swasthavrtta Not available
4 09HSPH04 Abart Harijan The Usage and scope of sixth case in Sanskrit Literature with special identification to paninian grammar Not available
5 09HSPH05 Siva Panuganti Anandakanda Knowledge Base with Special Reference to Plants, Animal Products and Minerals Available
6 09HSPH06 N. Shailaja Comparitive Study and Digitization of Paniniya Dhatuvritti and their meaning Analysis Not available