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Department of Sanskrit Studies

University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

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Samsādhanī – Praveśikā:
Learning Sanskrit using Computational Tools
(Online Certificate Course)

Samsādhanī – Praveśikā:
Learning Sanskrit using Computational Tools
(Online Certificate Course)


Sanskrit, the ancient Indian classical language, has huge repository of texts covering wide-ranging genres including philosophy, linguistics, religion and ritual, law, polity, health science, astronomy, mathematics to very high quality literary masterworks such as the works of Kālidāsa, Daṇḍin, Bāṇa, the great epics Rāmāyaṇa and Mahābhārata.

During the past few years, there is an emerging trend among the Indians to learn Sanskrit so as to read and understand the original Sanskrit texts. Taking into account the complexity involved in the word-formation in Sanskrit, the euphonic changes due to the influence of oral tradition, and the tendency to use long compound expressions, it is found that the pedagogical teaching methods in the school and colleges do not provide enough training to read and understand Sanskrit literature dealing with scientific texts or those of high literary value unless one undergoes rigorous learning of Sanskrit grammar. Hence there is a huge demand, especially from the professionals at all stages of their career, to study Sanskrit so that they can access the original Sanskrit texts.

Aim and Methodology

The main goal of this course is to teach how to access Sanskrit literature using online computational tools. The focus would be on understanding the Sanskrit texts rather than just learning the grammar or the vocabulary.

In this course, we introduce a novel method of learning Sanskrit, with the help of online computational tools developed by the Department of Sanskrit Studies of University of Hyderabad and at Inria, France.

This method, while minimizes the memorisation component, revives the traditional old methods of Khaṇdānvaya and Daṇḍānvaya of learning Sanskrit verses practised in the Gurukulas. The computational tools include the word level analyser and generator, segmenter and sandhi joiner and a sentence level analyser. These tools are linked with the online bilingual and monolingual dictionaries. These dictionaries provide easy access to the word meanings in three different languages: Hindi, English and French. A small component of project work at the end gives a hands-on practice to read and understand the original Sanskrit texts with the help of the computational tools.

The course would be taught in hybrid mode using both asynchronous and synchronous teaching. The students would be encouraged to use the online computational tools. There will be ample discussion and doubt clearing sessions at the end of each module.


Course Outline


There would be 4 minor examinations of 20 marks each after the completion of each module. 20 marks would be reserved for the final project work.


Salient Features

This course is unique in many respects.

Nature of the Course

Credits 4
Mode Online
Medium English
Teaching Mon, Wed, Fri (6.00 pm - 7.00 pm IST)
Discussion/Interactive Sessions Saturday or Sunday
Duration Tentative (20.10.2021 - 20.02.2022)


Fee Structure

Important Dates

Application Window 20th Sept 2021 - 10th October 2021
Selection Intimation 12th October 2021
Admission Window 13th October 2021 - 19th October 2021
Course Commencement 20th October 2021

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